Dr. Martens, Jadon Thrift Pink Pisa

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Dr. Martens presents a complete evolution of their original silhouette in the louder than ever Jadon. This towering boot sits on a 1.5-inch platform sole and is redesigned from soft, fine-grain Pisa leather. Pisa is a medium-weight, milled nappa leather with a pleasantly soft, tumbled feel and a waxy finish. The platform boots feature a black and white heel loop and Dr. Martens provided.

The platform height is 1.5 inches / 3.81 cm. The welted Goodyear products from Dr. Martens are heat sealed at 700°C and reinforced with the characteristic seam.


Pisa is a medium-weight, milled nappa leather with a super-soft, tumbled handle and a richly pigmented wax finish.


Remove dirt with a damp cloth and allow the shoes to dry. Then wear Dr. Martens colorless or colored shoe polish with a Dr. Martens shoe brush on the shoes. Allow the polish to dry and then buff vigorously until the desired shine is achieved. For best results, we recommend using two brushes per color - one for applying polish and the second for buffing.


With the Goodyear welt seam. The upper and sole are welded and sewn together, not simply glued together like many other shoes.