Sex Pistols Limited Edition
What we now call the style of punks was mainly shaped by the band Sex Pistols. Rivets, tight drainpipe jeans, Union Jack, striped and checked patterns, colorful hair and leather jackets make clear statements and have been identifying features of punks since the late 1970s.
At the time, Malcolm McLaren and his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood ran the 'Let it Rock' store in London and together they shaped the style of the subculture scene, later he became manager of the Sex Pistols. The Sex Pistols didn't describe themselves as punks - but their attitude, scandals and philosophy of life were meaningful enough even without a label! The shoes that accompanied almost every subversive youth movement of the time were Dr. Martens and so it is not surprising that for the 60th birthday of the 1460 another Sex Pistols Limited Edition was launched. The 8-hole cult boot 1460 made of black smooth leather was printed with 'God save the Queen' for this purpose, the Sex Pistols logo and 'Anarchy' are in bright red on the back of the heels. The white leather of the 1461 3-eye low shoe is printed all over with newspaper articles. After all, the legendary interview by host Bill Grundy and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols was so popular that they became famous almost overnight and the desire for rebellion in young people increased. Something that Dr. Martens is still standing and the pickup anyway!