Die Harrington-Jacke - eine zeitlose Ikone

The Harrington jacket - a timeless icon

The Harrington jacket is a timeless icon that has thrilled the fashion world for more than half a century. From its humble beginning in the 1930s as a lightweight, windproof...
Christian Werner
NEU! Dr. Martens Burgundy

NEW! dr Martens Burgundy

the dr Marten's origins repackaged for today. The 1460, 1461, 1461 Quad, 2976 Chelsea and the Jadon are a skilful mix of classic and modern. All models prove that they...
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Chelsea Boots - Fashion meets Comfort

Chelsea boots - fashion meets comfort

The Chelsea boot, invented for Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century, was shaped by London's creative scene in the late 1960s. This model has been running at Dr.Martens as the 2976 since the 1970s and is one of the absolute classic models. But the DM 2976 are not the only absolute Chelsea classics.

Blundstone also offers sturdy, functional and stylish boots. The Australian company has been producing the Blundstone 500 as a work shoe since 1870. However, boots have long ceased to be pure work shoes. Today you can see both the Blundstone Chelsea and the Dr. Marten 2976 in various versions all over the world. Despite their different stories, both shoes meet again in the international fashion world.

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Pick Up - Support Frieden Shirt

Pick Up - Support Peace Shirt

My dears, The war in Ukraine has also shaken us deeply. What we can all do now is show solidarity with the people and act within our capacities. We have...
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Die Geschichte der Air Cushion Sohle

The history of the air cushion sole

The convenience of Dr. Martens shoes are made up of two components - the leather, which adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot, and the patented air-cushioned sole. Today...
Seit 60 Jahren eine Ikone: der 1460

An icon for 60 years: the 1460

History was made on April 1st, 1960 - the iconic 8-eye boot 1460 by Dr. Martens went into production. As in an earlier blog text about the history of the...
Black Sabbath X Dr. Martens

Black Sabbath X Dr. martens

Black Sabbath wrote music history without being asked - the guys from Bimringham are considered to be the co-founders of heavy metal, doom metal and hard rock. To this day...


Those of you who have already been to the pick-up will discover the Directions hair tints when you pay at the latest. Like pieces of jewelry at a jeweller's, the...
Shoebox Concerts X Kopfecho

Shoebox Concerts X Head Echo

Covid did not stop at Düsseldorf either. But while shops and pubs are slowly reopening, clubs and halls will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The only source of income...
Basquiat X Dr. Martens Limited Edition

Basquiat X Dr. Martens Limited Edition

Basquiat X Dr. martens The Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition by Dr. Martens is dedicated to genius. She will be with us from next Friday, July 10th. available at 09:00. As...
Riot Grrrls

Riot Grrls

When grunge got big in the early 90s and bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana gave the rebellious youth a voice with their mix of punk, metal and rock, not...
Afro Punk!

Afro punk!

The history of the emergence of punk does not form a clear line, no clear place of origin, no person who could be called the first punk. Nevertheless, we have...