There is a lot of speculation about the proper care of Doc Martens and also claims that they are so difficult to break in.
Old punks say they peed in their new boots, young punks complain about blisters on their heels, somewhere in between lies the first phase of getting to know your new docs.
I would like to give you simple tips that will ensure that the leather becomes soft quickly and stays beautiful for a long time.
Since I myself have been wearing Doc Martens for years and appreciate their comfort as well as having to swear when I put them on, you can rely on the advice I have collected - I recommend them at each of my consultations and have thought them out so that I no longer have stress when breaking in got new boots.
Leather is skin, that's for sure, but what does that actually mean for shoes?
They need to get used to and adapt to the shape of your foot, which is why they become so snug after a few wears and rather stiff at first, Dr. Martens boots are made of particularly strong, thick leather and are therefore very durable. So if you want to make this familiarization phase easier for both the leather and your feet, grease them carefully at the beginning. Please don't waterproof them, that's really nonsense, except for suede and nubuck leather, after all Docs are waterproof.
They don't need protection from moisture, they should become comfortably soft as quickly as possible, so leather needs fat just like other skin. The fewer ingredients and chemicals, the better - just like in cosmetics.
We will be happy to advise you individually on your chosen shoe, sometimes waxy grease is the best choice, sometimes simply Vaseline, sometimes a nourishing spray.
My tips are primarily formulated for the sensitive ones who tend to get blisters. There are plenty of people who have never struggled with this and just grease their docs for the love of it - because you should be doing it either way.
  • What is important at the beginning if you have sensitive feet: you can also grease them well from the inside, e.g. Simply apply some care with your finger and let it soak in.
  • Keep them warm after greasing, i.e. near a heater, then the care can be absorbed even better.
  • Care for them 1-2 times a week at the beginning, then every few weeks after they have broken in. To do this, spread the care product of your choice thinly over the entire shoe, let it soak in and then rub it in with a cloth.
  • Wear them even if they might annoy you. The firm leather doesn't soften any faster if you leave them in the hallway because they feel unusually hard. Give them time to get used to your feet, it usually only takes four wears, that's bearable for your dream shoes. Doc Martens wouldn't be such an iconic shoe, generations of people wouldn't love them all their lives and I wouldn't wear them every day if they stayed as solid as they were in the beginning. Everything will be fine!
  • Passive shoe care is also important, which means nothing other than giving them a break from time to time. How would you feel if you had a 7 day week with no time to relax? Your favorite shoes are no different. They are happy to accompany you and to be able to be lazy afterwards. Preferably with shoe trees and cream, then they stay with you for a long time.
As simple as that! Write us if you have any questions or come visit us in store!
Christian Werner