Basquiat X Dr. martens

The Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition by Dr. Martens is dedicated to genius. She will be with us from next Friday, July 10th. available at 09:00. As with every limited edition Dr. Martens: be quick!

As the first black artist to disrupt New York's white art scene, Basquiat remains an idol for many young people and an iconic rebel to this day. He processed his experiences of racism in his paintings, shaped street art and was Andy Warhol's artistic foster son. Rebellion, questioning the system, and subculture are also present in Dr. Marten's story anchored. The popularity of the classic 1460 by Dr. Martens and the punk movement  started around the same time as his career.

Here's a brief overview of Basquiat's life for you.

His mother, who was interested in art, encouraged his talent from an early age and regularly visits the Brooklyn Museum with him. Jean-Michel speaks English, French and Spanish fluently at the age of eleven and can read and write by the age of four. Although the family is in good financial shape, his mother's psychological problems and the separation of his parents are a great burden on him. He runs away from home and devotes himself more to art, making graffiti and making a living selling painted postcards. He finds out in which restaurants his favorite artists go to eat and makes targeted contact with them through his postcard sales.

He also plays synths and clarinet in the noise band Gray and performs on Glenn O'Brien's Ungerground punk rock show. O'Brien works as a music critic for Andy Warhol's 'Interview' magazine and connects the two.

The art scene quickly became aware of him and he began to paint on larger papers and canvases, and at the age of only 20 he quickly became famous. Basquiat becomes the personification of the post-punk era of New York's subculture and gets sucked into a maelstrom of creativity, nightlife, drugs and hype. Some of his pictures are bought before he even finishes them, gallery owners scramble for the young pop star, and Madonna falls in love with him. He throws himself into his work obsessively, but the more encouragement he gets, the more misunderstood he feels. His view of the world, his painful experiences with racism and the simultaneous fetishization as 'exotic' in the art world are not recognized as those, his art and his person are misinterpreted. Conservative art critics see him as an overestimated graffiti painter, he himself clearly distances himself from this interpretation.

The death of Andy Warhol, who took him under his wing and was his greatest supporter, throws Basquiat completely off course. He died of a heroin overdose in August 1988 at the age of 27.

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They had been available from Juli, 10th.

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