Covid did not stop at Düsseldorf either. But while shops and pubs are slowly reopening, clubs and halls will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The only source of income for many musicians and bands. And catastrophic for the already rather thin Düsseldorf music scene. High time to act, thought the pick-up store. Fans of the alternative scene have been buying their clothes and shoes here since 1978. Above all, all sorts of musicians and artists. The idea was born quickly: Under the motto "Support your local sub-culture" we give bands and musicians a stage to play, to present themselves to their fans and to sell merchandise online. If there is no space to play, you just have to create space. Even if it's as small as a shoe box. Hence the name: Shoebox Concerts.

The concerts will be streamed live on Instagram. Before, during and after the concerts, the bands' merchandise can be bought in the shop's online store. All proceeds go to the band. The very first concert will be played by the band Kopfecho on July 16th at 8:00 p.m. in the stream. Others follow at irregular intervals until clubs open again. So open Instagram on July 16th and follow @pick_up_official.

The band Kopfecho from Düsseldorf makes alternative punk, has existed since 2012 and, after several concerts and an EP, released their first full-length album in 2018. I asked you a few questions to find out more about the musicians who have accompanied Broilers and Toten Hosen and are extremely enriching for the alternative music scene in Düsseldorf.

Do you remember the first concert you went to?

For some of us it really started in a very classical way with a Hosen concert.

Which bands inspired you to make music yourself?

Impossible to list all. Of course many of the big ones, many with whom we even played ourselves, but also many lesser known, small bands and solo artists.

With the demolition of the shower last year, another important place in Düsseldorf's subculture was lost. What do you think has to happen for the scene to survive?

The thing with the shower is really a pity. Housing is needed, but not at any price. We know a few people who are intensively committed to the shower and this subculture behind it, you really have to live it. As long as these people exist, the scene will remain, there is always a possibility somewhere. Even if it's getting harder and harder.

In which premises in Düsseldorf do you have the feeling that the subculture is actively promoted? How can these spaces be supported?

The youth center and Spilles Benrath are good examples, we always loved playing there. But “commercial” venues like Tube or Pitcher also offer smaller, less well-known bands and artists to play there. It's important that people continue to go to these concerts and support the bands and the shops. You shouldn't rely on politics.

Corona has strained and challenged many artists and musicians. How have you been as a band in the last few months and what does it mean for you to play a concert with us?

At the beginning of January we released our new album "Something Remains" and then we really went on our own tour for the first time. Almost after our last tour weekend, the Corona fiasco started. It's all a shame, especially because of the canceled festivals. Of course we're hot and we want to play, play, play, so we're really looking forward to being on a "stage" again after 5 months.

Your concert on Thursday will take place in our shop. What do you associate with the pickup?

You simply always have to go into the pick-up or stand in the shop window and look in when you walk past. Like all the breweries, the shop is simply part of the old town.

Do you remember your first pair of Docs and what color they were?