Those of you who have already been to the pick-up will discover the Directions hair tints when you pay at the latest. Like pieces of jewelry at a jeweller's, the colorful color samples are presented integrated in our checkout counter. And rightly so - generations have been coloring their hair with the products of the cult brand. Of course you can also get advice from us in the shop, the majority of the Pick Up team used to try Directions and learned to love them, some of them still do today.

Even the first punks from Düsseldorf bought their hair colors in the pick-up and shared and exchanged them with each other. Goths and emos also discovered the tints for themselves and meanwhile they are also spread by bloggers in the mainstream, completely independent of the scene. Our customers proudly show their puzzled children the colors that adorned them when they were young, or excited young people buy them just in case – “if mum allows it”. My parents weren't too thrilled when I first pitched purple hair tips, but semi-permanent means they usually wash out after a few weeks, so it wasn't a big deal.

Here are the best tips and tricks for Directions- Pick Up approved!

Whether individual strands, a complete look or color gradients is entirely up to you. Admittedly, it takes a bit of practice and patience, but you will be rewarded with all the colors of the rainbow that are cruelty-free, vegan and caring!

The colors work on naturally blonde or light brown hair without bleaching, the lighter they are, the better it works. But even darker hair colors can get a nice color shimmer with Directions. Above all, the pastel shades have more depth on bleached hair, these are also the colors that wash out the fastest. The darker tones such as blue and green are more durable and then wash out in pastel colors, for example a dark turquoise becomes mint green. Depending on the hair texture and color, there may be a few residues that you can either drown out or treat with a deep-cleansing shampoo.

I strongly recommend wearing gloves and creaming your ears and hair with Vaseline or Nivea - pink palms and green earlobes happen faster than you think and will remain your unplanned accessory for a few days... The same goes for sinks and bathtubs, so save yourself trouble and stress and It is best to wipe away immediately what has been spilled.

You can significantly exceed the exposure time of 15 minutes specified on the package. Directions contain no ammonia and no peroxide, they even care for your hair and the colors become stronger and longer lasting if you let them soak in cling film overnight, for example.

You can also mix the colors together and make them lighter by mixing them with a conditioner, so the color palette is almost endless. However, please do not use hair conditioners before use, they ensure that the hair structure is too smooth to optimally absorb the pigments. Be sure to rinse out the applied Directions with cold water, this preserves the intensity of the color and closes the hair structure like a seal.

Have fun trying it out, you can find our directions here !