My dears,

The war in Ukraine has also shaken us deeply.

What we can all do now is show solidarity with the people and act within our capacities. We have listed places below in the text to which you can turn with (material) donations. Please inquire in advance at the individual contact points what is required. If you don't have any money or donations in kind, you can also offer your help at Moltkestraße 63, for example. The helpers are regularly looking for strong people to help load the trucks.

In addition, there are now switching centers where you can offer sleeping places. These are also linked.

We also thought about it and designed a t-shirt together with @jolina, which was produced for us by @pavel.

Set an example and support the people of Ukraine

You can buy this t-shirt both online and in store from today. 100% of the proceeds go to @caritas and thus directly to Ukraine.

Donations in kind Düsseldorf:

Moltkestrasse 63

Immermannstrasse 50

Donate money:


UN refugee aid

Doctors Without Borders


do you have space

You can register here


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