BBC, 16027, Creeper shoe, turquoise, suede UMD


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After the fashion revival of the '90s, it was only a matter of time before the early 2000s were reinterpreted. For everyone who spent hours in front of tumblr and would not have left the door without skull hair clips or those who were too young back then and can let off steam now: this shoe is for you! The low shoe with platform from our exclusive house brand BBC is made of bright turquoise suede. The typical Creeper braided pattern in black is particularly beautiful. The strap on the instep can be individually adjusted with a silver metal buckle. The ribbed Creeper platform sole is light, comfortable and non-slip. The BBC logo is engraved on the side of the heel. You can also find the right care product with us.

When Henry Hoppe opened his first shop, the BBC, in 1970, he hit the perfect timing and delivered the look of the subculture and punk movement. In 1978 his shop Pick Up followed, there were the only Dr. Martens, striped jeans and creeper shoes that everyone wanted. The classic creepers have a ribbed sole with a slight platform look, are particularly light, comfortable and quiet and are undoubtedly one of the classics when it comes to shoes for punks, new wavers or goths. Since most Creepers were produced in Asia in the 90s and the quality was changing as a result, Henry looked for an alternative. The Creepers that we sell to this day are lovingly handcrafted especially for us in a small factory in Portugal. They are named the BBC in homage to his first business.

Outer material: leather

Inner material: leather/textile

Sole: plastic