Knightsbridge, Harrington, Bottlegreen


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The Harrington blouson jacket from Knightsbridge from Great Britain is an absolute classic of the fashion of various subcultures. The checked inner lining made of pure cotton makes up the typical Harrington style and keeps you warm even in windy weather. This model is made of dark green fabric. Knightsbridge jackets are wider at both the torso and the sleeves, giving them the typical bomber jacket look, while the blousons from Real Hoxton are cut narrower and are of even higher quality and more elaborately processed.

A little tutoring lesson on subculture, because I'm often asked questions about the political statement of the Harrington jackets in the pick-up: The skinhead movement originated in a working-class district of London around 1969 and was made up of white 'mods' and black 'rude boys' . They campaigned together for the proletariat, but were mostly rather apolitical - albeit obviously anti-racist. The look of boots and bomber jackets was typical.