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The temporary hair colors from Directions are cult, they come in all facets of the rainbow!

They are best used on bleached hair, but can also be used on natural hair colors.

Even the first punks dyed their hair with Directions, today bloggers also appreciate the easy-to-apply change without ammonia or peroxide.

Countless styles are possible, whether a complete look in one color or with an ombré gradient is entirely up to you.

Depending on the shade you choose, Directions will usually wash out after a few weeks as it is a colored hair care regimen. That should reassure even skeptical parents if your desire for colorful hair is a point of discussion.

All Directions hair dyes are vegan and not tested on animals.

My tips for the application, you are welcome to learn from my mistakes:

  • Before use, cream the skin around the hairline and ears with Vaseline or Nivea. Yes, I used to have green earlobes.

  • Wear gloves when applying and rinsing.

  • If you spill it, it's best to wipe the paint off immediately, this will save you time and nerves.