Dr. Martens, 1460 Pascal Max Dark Brown Classic Pull Up

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Developed to make an impact, this impressive redesign of the original 8-hole silhouette from Dr. Martens on the highest Quad Max sole to date. The upper is made from classic pull up leather - sturdy, soft and designed to evolve with age. Featuring antique gold eyelets and a choice of black or giraffe laces. Characterized by the characteristic DM's details: a black and yellow heel loop and yellow welt stitching.

Born on April 1, 1960. Named the 1460 boot. Over six decades, the 8-hole work boot from Dr. Martens developed into a symbol.

Classic Pull Up has a satin finish with a subtle pull-up effect.

The Quad Max sole is our highest yet - only for the brave. Featuring a bold commando style tread pattern. A sole that gives you the feeling of being at the top.

Construction - Manufactured with Goodyear framed lines heat sealed at 700°C and reinforced with our signature welt stitching.

Sole height - platform height: 1 7/8 inches, heel height: 2 1/4 inches.

Footbed - Slimmer and more pointed toe shape.


Classic Pull Up - A leather with a satin finish and a subtle pull-up effect.


Wipe off dirt with a damp cloth. Wear Dr. Apply Martens Wonder Balm to the outside of your shoes to keep the leather supple, strong and smooth. Once dry, buff vigorously with a clean Dr. Martens shoe brush to achieve the desired shine. Repeat this regularly to extend the life of your shoes.


Goodyear Framed - The upper and sole are heat sealed and stitched together for long-lasting comfort and durability.