TAPIR, leather oil, 200ml

By Tapir

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The Tapir leather oil for larger leather surfaces

The perfect leather care for your shoes, the oil has a mild cleaning effect, is slightly moisturizing and water-repellent. Made from consistently natural raw materials, the liquid oil penetrates well into leather that requires care. Shoes and other leather items can be well cared for by the liquid application of the oil. We recommend pre-cleaning smooth leather to remove any dirt and individual stains. You can find out how best to care for and break in your shoes here .

Product features:

  • mildly cleaning, slightly moisturizing and water-repellent
  • consistently natural raw materials
  • NCP certification
  • 200ml


Shake well before use! Massage the Tapir Leather Oil evenly into the leather with a soft cotton cloth, eg the Tapir Polishing Cloth. Wipe off excess oil with an absorbent cotton cloth. The leather cared for in this way remains supple and soft.

ATTENTION: Light-colored leather can darken as a result of the treatment. It is therefore best to try out the effect on sensitive leather types on a concealed area.

INGREDIENTS: Castor oil*, rapeseed oil*, natural solvents, vinegar*.
*from controlled organic cultivation